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When starting a business, the main concern is to know whether we will manage to take it forward, whether the business model will turn it into a solid company, whether that idea will generate activity, profitability and resources to be sustainable over time. Therefore it is essential to make a good business plan to know how we are going to do it, what resources we will need, how to approach the search for funding.

Equally important as getting the resources to start is to preserve them and make them grow, in other words to turn the project into reality and make it evolve. Since the business model will most likely have to be adapted, it is essential to have reliable information to make decisions and act. Hence having a full set of accounts that are reliable and timely, or smart accounting, is important.


Dreams and plans, in the real world, need to have resources to become a reality. Survival starts with securing them; cash flow planning will help us anticipate to stressful situations and manage surplus.

And this will be the basis to strategically manage obtaining more resources through banking negotiation, the entry of investors or public funding.

The best way to reach the destination is to have a good roadmap and continuously check that we keep on the right track. So budget control becomes the key instrument to achieve our goals; making a budget properly and analyse any variations from it in a prompt manner will help us succeed.

To prevent cash flow problems, it is best to ensure the profitability of the business and to segment the relevant economic data through analytical accounting. Knowing the performance by customer, product, service, point of sale will enable us to know on which costs we should act in order to increase the margin or which clients contribute more to our contribution margin. This enables us to improve our operations and to make key business decisions.


For the obtained information to be practical and add value, it should be easy to obtain. It is very useful to have working procedures in place to ensure both efficient management and adequate internal control.

The operating capacity of existing companies is linked to the existence of management software that covers all key areas of the business model. Coordination of software implementations is vital for the results to be as expected.

If all goes well, the management will be moving away from the day to day operation. Hence complete, objective and timely information is increasingly necessary. The entry of associates or the creation of subsidiaries requires reliable, complete and timely reporting.

Growth leads to create international structures, managing several organisations in different countries that are often created as purely commercial or productive units. But knowing what happens in them is vital to avoid unexpected risks. Thus, international controlling management becomes essential.


Continuous improvement is a pressing need to maintain the competitive advantage of any business model.

The review and optimization of the company's economic area have always an effect on the whole of the organisation's operations. If the project affects all areas of the company and involves moving resources, it is very interesting to have a feasibility plan to help us decide and, at the same time, convince those who might provide funds.

We are often faced with decisions that we sense of great significance, such as opening new stores, closing facilities, settling in distant countries, recruiting more employees, all of which depend on many interrelated factors. At that point, a basic strategic plan linked to a plan of concrete, achievable actions will help us bring order and reach our goal.

We all know that the key to good management is a combination of best practices and good execution, which is the same as saying a good team with sufficient knowledge, or learning, improving. Training underpins continuous improvement and motivation.


Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that require an expert financial department to continue with our plans, but circumstances prevent us from having our own workforce. This is the time to think of an action of interim management and perhaps coordinate it afterwards with recruitment.

We do not know how many economic crisis any country will have, but business men and women know that all companies present crisis, whether these might be related to products, partners, funding or growth. Board member advice will help you be better prepared to deal with situations.


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  • Analytic accounting
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  • Procedures
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  • Software coordination
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  • International controlling


  • Optimization of the economic area
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  • Viability plan
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  • Training
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  • Board membership

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